Arbor Day – April 29, 2016

Image of trees with text that says Arbor Day | Keep Florida Beautiful Blog
Since its founding in 1872, Arbor Day has functioned as a day of observance to celebrate the pivotal role trees play in human life. The holiday was established in the 1800s after its founder, Julius Sterling Morton, discovered a lack of trees throughout his home state of Nebraska. Ultimately, Morton’s care and passion for the environment fostered his desire to motivate others to love and care for the earth as much as he did. 145 years and approximately 250 million trees later many could say that Morton was successful in his efforts.

Today, Arbor Day continues to thrive in catalyzing not only an appreciation for trees, but also an environmental awareness. Organizations such as the National Arbor Day Foundation provide informational resources surrounding the history of trees, awareness programs and more. We all understand that environmental education is of great importance and celebrating Arbor Day is one more way to help grow an environmentally literate society that demonstrates environmental stewardship. Energy conservation, oxygen supply, and clean air and water are just a few of the many positive benefits trees have on the environment.

Looking for ways to provide you and your community with a number of ideas to celebrate the trees surrounding you? Check out the list below of Arbor Day activity ideas!

  • Plant a tree or two or more!
  • Choose a public park, downtown, or area of choice to clean up.
  • Sign up and volunteer at a local Florida affiliate’s event!
  • Volunteer with a local tree planting organization.
  • Organize a tree identification hike.

Interested in learning more about how trees contribute to a better environment for all? Check out the National Arbor Day Foundation’s Tree Facts and don’t forget to let us know how you are planning to give back to the environment on Arbor Day by connecting with Keep Florida Beautiful online.

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