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Practice the R’s after the Storm

Many people are still recovering from Hurricane Michael. We know the storm made a deadly and devasting impact on the Panhandle and in many small communities in Bay, Gulf and Jackson Counties. The damage is unbelievable. It’s been almost a month and some people still do not have their electricity restored.

But, there has been a shimmer of hope. It’s been wonderful to see our fellow Floridians step up and lend a helping hand. They are picking up the pieces, one at a time. Some people are even still trying to find ways to follow the three R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle). We know it has not been easy.

But, let’s try our best to be that ray of sunshine. A little can go a long way. Host a cleanup in a neighborhood. Trees are still down in many communities and work crews are very appreciated. Haul trash if you can because garbage pickup service is not available in some areas. Volunteer with agencies that are serving and delivering meals. Take a look around your home and recycle and reuse towels, clothes and sheets that are in good condition. Donate them to those in need.

One last tip – check on those still impacted by the storm. Make a phone call if you can’t physically be there. We can all do our part to be that beacon of light as recovery efforts and the healing continues.

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