Holiday Gift Recycling

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Tips for Wrapping Paper, Bags, Boxes and Bows

It is the holiday season. That, of course, means family, friends and a lot of fun. Many people are spending a few extra hours shopping for that perfect gift for their loved ones. Presentation is a big part of the gift give-away. Will you put your gift in a decorative bag or find unique wrapping paper? Please think green when you are out and about.
If you choose to wrap a gift, try using recycled paper. You can also use what you have around the house such as newspaper or shopping bags. You can be creative with cloth (old scarves, t-shirts or towels), brown paper bags or plain white paper and duct tape. Please also remember to save your gift-wrapping paper or cloth and use them next holiday too. (If they are not ripped or torn too badly… LOL) But, when it comes time to recycle your holiday gift-wrapping paper, remember not all paper can go in the recycle bin. If it contains additives like glitter or plastics, throw it in the trash. Those shiny bags can cause problems at recycling plants too. So, put those with your household waste.

Gift boxes are another great, green alternative. They can be dropped in your recycle bin. Gift bags, on the other hand, can be a little more difficult to recycle especially those fancy decorative ones with all the glitter. Here’s an idea – use those bags for future holidays and special occasions.

As for the tissue paper that is often put in the bags, get rid of it. Experts say the paper fibers are just too short to recycle. If you put a bow on a box or bag, save it and reuse it. If you don’t, throw it out. Bows are not recyclable.

Reducing waste as well as reusing and recycling products are important during the holiday season. Let’s continue to find creative and unique ways to Keep Florida Beautiful!

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