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Volunteer for The Great American Cleanup

Keep Florida Beautiful (KFB) is getting ready for the national Great American Cleanup, which is sponsored by Keep America Beautiful as a way to launch service projects in communities throughout the state. As part of that effort, Florida Affiliates also join forces with the Florida Department of Transportation’s DRIVE IT HOME – Keep Our Paradise Litter-Free campaign which seeks to raise awareness and educate the motoring public on litter prevention. Put these two programs together and you have a “Trash-Off” and an ability to get things done. KFB supports these cleanup events by providing promotional items for the Florida Affiliates and helping get the word out about scheduled cleanup events. But, let’s take a step back and think about the real impact of this great cleanup effort.

KFB works with affiliates to educate and mobilize thousands of volunteers to remove litter and debris from roadways and waterways. Some plant trees, flowers and gardens to improve their neighborhoods. Others revitalize local parks. But, education is the key to prevent all that trash from appearing in the first place. Did you know that about 85 percent of littering behavior is the result of individual attitudes?

So, let’s change our attitudes. Let’s change our behaviors. Let’s put an end to events such as the Great American Cleanup/Trash-Off. We can do it by simply not littering.

Unfortunately, we are not in a litter-free zone. So, we need your help! Encourage and empower your friends to know the facts. Florida Affiliates organized more than 84,000 volunteers last year around the state to participate in cleanups where they removed and recycled almost five million pounds of litter. Those volunteers put on their gloves and picked up all sorts of trash and debris which demonstrates the power of working together to make a difference.

You still have time to make a difference in the Sunshine State. Sign up to volunteer for a cleanup in your area. We’ve made it easy. Please visit keepfloridabeautiful.org to find a list of cleanup events around the state. Then, go a step further. If you see trash in your community, pick it up and put it where it belongs. We can all work together to Keep Florida Beautiful!

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