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Meet BeBot

Beach cleanups are a must here in the sunshine state – and with a rising number of residents and visitors flocking to Florida beaches year-round, keeping them litter-free requires consistent effort. 

Our coastal affiliates play a significant role in maintaining clean beaches statewide through routine cleanup events and litter prevention education. Volunteers and affiliate crews successfully remove hundreds of thousands of pounds of debris from our sandy shores each year. And now, we have another cleaning comrade that will take to the beaches in search of items that do not belong and capture your attention along the way. 

Meet our versatile, eco-friendly beach cleaning sidekick, the BeBot, courtesy of Surfing’s Evolution & Preservation Foundation! KFB is the first nonprofit in the U.S. to utilize this new technology to remove debris, preserve beaches and spread awareness. 

Manufactured by Poralu Marine, BeBot is remote controlled and 100% electric. It sifts sand at the surface level collecting debris as small as 1 cm². BeBot can clean up to 3,000 m² per hour, efficiently contributing to manual volunteer efforts.

Not only will BeBot remove some of the most littered items on the beach (cigarette butts, bottle caps, etc.) but it is also sure to attract the attention of beachgoers, bringing awareness to a pervasive global issue.

Thanks to additional project sponsors including BlueTriton/Zephyrhills, Niagara Bottling and ZenWTR, BeBot will be traveling around the state assisting coastal affiliates in keeping Florida beautiful and educating residents and visitors along the way! 

Follow BeBot’s adventures – @keepflbeautiful and #CleanFLBeaches 

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