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You’ve probably seen the pictures of debris on our roadways and in our waterways. More than likely you’ve seen the trash first-hand. That litter on our streets can contribute to accidents. The trash in our seas can kill marine life. Let’s end littering. Let’s take action! Let’s get involved, volunteer and change behaviors. Keep Florida Beautiful (KFB) has found a way to ensure our youth are engaged in keeping the state clean and green.

KFB is infusing the youth voice and building leaders. Introducing the KFB Youth Council! High school students from across the state create and participate in activities to promote efforts to reduce, reuse or recycle. They have the unique opportunity to be ambassadors to get their peers involved in beach, neighborhood and park cleanups. They also encourage their friends to promise to be active participants in the efforts to end littering, increase recycling and reduce waste by taking the KFB “I Promise” pledge.

It is wonderful to see our young people working to change behaviors when it comes to keeping Florida beautiful. Research shows that about 85 percent of littering behavior is the result of individual attitudes. Youth Council members are leading by example and making a difference in our state.

Alexandria Henson, KFB Youth Council chair, sums it up best when she says, “Today’s children and teens are tomorrow’s heroes, we must enlighten these future leaders to take a stand to protect our fragile ecosystems. The Keep Florida Beautiful Youth Council helps inspire youth to spread awareness that volunteering is a vital aspect of protecting our beautiful blue planet, endangered seas and local Florida communities. Implementing change is not possible without knowledge.”

You can get involved. Volunteer and help change behaviors across the state! Please visit and take the “I Promise” pledge.

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