Recycling in Florida – It Takes All of Us

Florida has always been one of those states that values recycling and strives to be competitive compared to other states. Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products.

Floridians have responded well when the opportunity to recycle is presented. The state’s 67 counties are tasked with encouraging recycling and making it happen, and typically we have hovered around 30% for a statewide average of recycling. In 2008 things changed when the legislature took us to a whole new level with a goal of 75% recycling to be achieved by 2020.The legislature codified that goal in section 403.7032, Florida Statutes.

So how are we doing? Well…depending on how you count and what county you look at, the answer varies. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection released their 2014 statistics stating a 50% recycling rate was achieved statewide, but one must realize that the larger counties in the state account for much of that progress.  FLDEP

The key to improving the rate of recycling has always been getting everyone — individuals, manufacturers, commercial establishments, etc.– to do their part and to realize that they can give their trash another life while saving landfill space and reducing the stress we put on our environment. Your Keep Florida Beautiful (KFB) Board of Directors is leading by example as demonstrated by PepsiCo which recently announced they surpassed their recycling goal of reusing 90% of waste from their operations. PepsiCo is represented on KFB’s Board by Steve Lezman who also serves as Chairman. Recyclingtoday
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Image | Keep Florida Beautiful Blog
KFB places a high priority on recycling and works to educate people about the importance of following the three R’s…Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Be sure to check out our Recycling page and review our Recycling Checklist as well. You can also find your nearest drop-off center or convenient recycling locator by visiting Earth911. Then come visit us at the State Capitol when we celebrate Florida Recycles Day on November 3, 2015. Together we can make a difference.
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