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Take the Pledge

Image of hands holding recyclable items with the text Take the Pledge | Keep Florida Beautiful Blog
Many of us hear about recycling in our community. We hear about the benefits such as reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills, saving energy and sustaining the environment for future generations. But, as America Recycles Day approaches on Nov. 15, how can we really make a change and encourage others to put items in the recycle bin?

We have to start one person at a time to change behavior. This is a true story. My neighbor never recycled. In fact, she would pass over her recycle bin outside and throw everything in the trash can next to it. I often talked with her about the benefits of recycling as well as reducing and reusing. I then put my words into action. I started taking her recyclable items home with me or putting them in her bin. It took a few weeks, but she caught on. As she cleaned her home, she started putting her recyclable items to the side for the recycle bin. She even started recycling toilet paper rolls! (Something she said would take her awhile to get used to doing.)

If we all encourage one person at a time, or perhaps three or four, we can get our community into the habit of recycling. Let’s share the facts. Let’s commit to enhancing our environment. Let’s take the pledge ( and do our part. I have taken the pledge to continue to encourage my neighbors to use the recycle bin. What do you pledge to do for America Recycles Day and beyond?

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