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The Impact of Littering in our Communities

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Take a Stand to Change Behaviors and Attitudes

When you see someone throw trash out of a car window, what is your immediate reaction? How do you feel when you see litter in your neighborhood or on your street?

The impact of littering does more than raise your frustration level. It can harm the environment, pets, and wildlife. Did you know that over 51 billion pieces of litter appear on roadways in the U.S. each year? This is why we have to work together to end littering. Research shows 85 percent of littering behavior is the result of individual attitudes.

Let’s change those behaviors and attitudes. Talk with your family, friends and neighbors. Many cities and organizations such as Keep Florida Beautiful have educational initiatives to help prevent littering. Organizations like Keep Florida Beautiful help through educational visits with schools, and affiliates and volunteers hold waterway or roadside cleanups. Many affiliates are currently preparing for the International Coastal Cleanup on September 17. You can learn about this initiative and others by visiting our affiliate event calendar.

Let’s take action now and work to end littering! Take a stand and get involved in local cleanup efforts. To sign up and volunteer, visit www.keepfloridabeautiful.org/affiliates to find an affiliate near you. In the meantime, we encourage you to help pick up trash in your neighborhood or in your local park. Together, we can reduce waste and positively impact Florida’s future.

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