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Tips for a Green Holiday Season

The holiday season is a cherished one, as it is often accompanied by office parties (well, maybe before COVID), family traditions, good food and new memories. From Thanksgiving to New Years, spirits are brightened by get-togethers, gift giving and quirky holiday decor.


Unfortunately, this time of year is also accompanied by an increase in waste. Packaging from our Black Friday finds, gift bags, single-use decorations, wrapping paper and food waste pile up in garbage bins as households generate an average of 25% more trash than usual.

The good news is that there are plenty of simple things we can do to be less wasteful and more sustainable during the holidays – and we can still eat, drink and be merry along the way!

Hosting a party?
• Send paperless invitations online
• Opt for decorations, dishes and utensils that are eco-friendly and/or reusable
• Provide ample trash receptacles and recycling bins
• Encourage guests to carpool

Planning a family dinner?
• Bring your reusable bags when grocery shopping
• Shop for local ingredients
• Compost food scraps
• Create new recipes from leftovers or send them home in reusable containers

Gift giving?
• Consider homemade gifts, plants or plan an experience
• Look for plastic-free packaging
• Support local businesses and shop sustainable brands
• Give your gift in a jar, basket, tin or tote bag (something reusable)

More tips?
• Opt for a real Christmas tree (and then recycle it)
• Swap to energy efficient lights for decorating
• Send holiday cards made from post-consumer recycled content
• Buy less!

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