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Youth Leading the Way to a Greener Florida

Image of Youths picking up trash with the text Youth Leader the Way to a Greener Florida | Keep Florida Beautiful Blog
Students across the state are enjoying time off for the summer. They’ve temporarily put the books away. But, the education continues. Many are researching volunteer opportunities. We are happy to report that many students are learning about the benefits of keeping Florida clean, green and beautiful. They realize the negative effects of littering. Littering creates an eye sore in our communities. It can cause property values to decrease. It harms wildlife. Let’s admit it, littering is just awful.

Research shows about 85 percent of littering behavior is the result of individual attitudes. Our young people often help change adults’ attitudes and behaviors about this growing problem. It only makes sense. Let’s think about why they are leading the way to a greener Florida. Parents teach their children to clean up after mealtime or playtime. Our kids take it seriously. That behavior spreads. They want to make sure their schools, our beaches and other areas are clean.

Many go a step further to keep Florida beautiful. They learn about recycling in school and share the knowledge with their parents, encouraging them to properly put items where they belong. They want to participate in community or beach cleanups. Our youth help change behaviors daily. Let’s listen to them. In this case, let’s follow their actions. Recycle and end littering.

Keep Florida Beautiful (KFB) and its affiliates are paying attention. KFB has started a Youth Council to get input from high school students about ways to get other youth of all ages on board with the three R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle. Learn more by visiting www.keepfloridabeautiful.org. Also, if you (the grownups) are looking for volunteer opportunities across the state, we didn’t forget about you. Be sure to check out the calendar of events on our website.

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