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Zero Waste Living & Giving

Do you recycle? Maybe you’ve used a reusable bag or straw? Do you carry a refillable water bottle with you?

If you answered yes to any of those, then you are already working towards a zero-waste lifestyle. It is not an overnight switch, however there are many simple changes you can make to your everyday life to create less waste.

We don’t realize just how much waste is produced on a daily basis and throughout a year it can add up but making simple shifts to a more ecofriendly way of living can help in a big way. To start a zero-waste lifestyle, you can begin with repurposing items you already own. Take a reusable bag to the store to get groceries or turn a used bottle into a storage container. Try to use materials such as a metal straw or bamboo utensils that you can always keep on hand and reuse. Items such as cleaning supplies can be stored in a refillable container to avoid buying and then throwing away cans and bottles every time you run out. Using a reusable cloth in the kitchen or for removing makeup can help make a difference towards zero waste.

While working towards your own zero-waste lifestyle, you can also gift to others in zero waste ways. Whether it is a holiday or birthday, gift giving can create a lot of unnecessary waste. Gift ideas such as plants or sustainable clothing can be wrapped with newspaper and string or reuse a gift bag to help eliminate waste that isn’t recyclable. Giving a present in a jar, basket or bag that can be used again is more sustainable in comparison to wrapping paper that will get torn up and tossed away minutes after a gift is opened. You might also consider a gift that does not require confetti or tape – think kayaking experience or hiking adventure!

Going zero waste might seem ambitious but small changes here and there can help make an impact!


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